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Road to Cape Town

“Cycling is, to me, the ultimate expression of freedom. WoMena tries to achieve the same level of freedom for girls and women regardless of their menstrual cycle”

This week our dear friend Stijn Van Parys started his incredible biking adventure! In a course of one year Stijn plans to cycle from Belgium to South Africa and raise awareness of WoMena’s efforts to confront taboos around menstruation.

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To overcome the taboos, it is crucial that we get both men and women involved and we are therefore extremely proud to send Stijn on his journey to spread awareness about the importance of menstruation and reproductive health. Studies by WoMena in Uganda found that school girls repeatedly mentioned that they did not dare to use a bicycle during their menstruation, for fear that they would spot, and that a simple solution such as the menstrual cup changed that.

You can follow Stijn on his journey here

We are so excited to follow Stijn’s one-year journey and honored that Stijn has chosen to dedicate his trip to support WoMena!

Here a small video we made to wish Stijn good luck on his adventure!