WoMena seeks to empower children and young people and to serve in their best interest. We are committed to safeguarding these groups, including preventing and protecting them against any physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse, which could arise from WoMena’s actions. WoMena acknowledges that all WoMena employees have a duty in this regard, particularly towards the children and young people with whom we work.

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WoMena takes seriously all concerns about sexual exploitation and abuse and any relevant complaints brought to our attention. You can send us an anonymous reporting email to: safeguarding(at) Emails will be directly forwarded to the Safeguarding Committee. You can also contact us with the Safeguarding Reporting Form below.


Safeguarding Reporting Form


    Handling incidents:

    In the event of safeguarding issues being brought to our attention, our Board will decide which of the following actions to take:

    1. Safeguarding officer on ground and employee to monitor concern and review within an agreed time scale.

    2. Discuss the concern informally with the school/parents/guardians.

    3. Report to the appropriate authorities in Uganda as per instruction from the Board. These include the Office of the Prime Minister (when working within refugee settlement contexts), Uganda National Council for Science & Technology (UNCST) and the Uganda NGO Board.