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Meet the Team – Meth Reeves Salanjaye

Today, it is our pleasure to introduce you to one of our amazing team members,Meth Reeves Salanjaye!

Hello, Meth! Nice to meet you. Where are you based, and what is your profession and role with WoMena?

I am from Uganda, and a journalist based here. Since September last year, I’ve been working as a Fundraising & Communication Officer.

How did you first find WoMena?

I applied for the position when I saw the advertisement on one of the social media pages in August 2015. I interviewed and was excited to receive the offer to work together.

What about the work or the mission attracted you to WoMena? I imagine it might be for slightly different reasons from a woman… 🙂

I was attracted to the fact that they aim to help disadvantaged young girls in school. I work with another NGO that engages young people in secondary schools so,to me, it was yet another opportunity to be proactive in issues affecting young people. I also had the desire to enhance my experience & skills in communication.

Very cool. What are some of your priorities right now?

My concentration lately has been on pursuing potential donors or funders for some of our projects. That involves getting in touch with individuals and organizations, working with project team members and drafting proposals.

For you, what is the most rewarding part of working with WoMena?

The most rewarding is the experience I’m getting! I’ve learned so much about menstrual management, reproductive health and so many other things that would be easily overlooked by many men. And of course, having the chance to meet new colleagues from across the world.

Thank you, Meth! We look forward to continuing to work with you.