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Meet M.B. – GBV survivor and Menstrual Cup champion

” Thank you WoMena!

I was an ex-militant. My husband died in the war, so, I ran to Uganda with our only son. There, I met the refugee operator. He asked to marry me. Since he was also a Congolese and I did not know any other people at that time, I accepted his proposal. But I didn’t live happily for long. Soon he knew I fought in the military in Congo, he wanted to kill me. His brother died in the war, so, he blamed me for his death. He started to beat and insulted me. I was 3-month pregnant at that time. I was so afraid and tried to run away.

I sought help from the social workers in the settlement. They brought me to the hospital and helped taking care of me. But my husband still threatened me. I was so desperate that was even thinking of taking my own lives, but the women here advised me not to do so and told me to join the women’s groups. I got a lot of support from the surrounding. Lately, I filed the divorce with my husband and now live freely with my new-born baby.

When I joined the women’s group, I feel empowered. WoMena’s people came and trained us about our bodies and gave us the menstrual cups. I have never seen the cups before, but it helps me a lot. I don’t see a lot of blood coming out in my period and I can do my daily activities without worrying people might see stains on my cloth. I wish more women know about WoMena and they can use the cups as well as they have helped me a lot.” – M.B., Kyangwali