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Web-dialogue: low- and middle-income country perspectives on menstrual product taxes

Several countries and states around the world have responded to campaigns for the removal or reduction of taxes on menstrual products, the most recent being Rwanda and Germany. In addition to abolishing unfair and gender-discriminatory taxes, one of the key reasons for low- and middle-income countries to scrap taxes on menstrual products is that high prices for these items of basic necessity are a key barrier to good menstrual health and hygiene for women and girls.

WASH United and the Menstrual Health Alliance India are hosting a web-dialogue to discuss low- and middle-income country perspectives on menstrual product taxes.The webinar will share insights from menstrual product tax reduction and removal in low- and middle-income countries and offer advice to those planning future campaigns.

WASH United will present global research on scrapping taxes, conducted under an RHSC Innovation Grant, and its impact on the retail prices of menstrual products; an international tax expert will provide more background into different aspects of taxation; campaigners from Africa and Asia will share their experiences and lessons they have learned; and representatives from the private sector will offer their perspectives.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 14th January at 17:00 IST/12:30 CET. REGISTER TO THE WEB-DIALOGUE HERE