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“Drivers and challenges to use of menstrual cups among schoolgirls in rural Uganda” – new study by the WoMena team!

We are very proud to announce that members of our very own WoMena team have just published a new article in Waterlines. The article studies acceptability of the menstrual cup (MC) among schoolgirls in rural Uganda.

The study finds that once girls get used to the menstrual cup, they continue using it. This is shown to be true for 34 out of 36 girls. The girls’ main challenge was finding equipment for monthly boiling of the cup for disinfection. Some factors, which helped were to have good preparation and peer support. The girls found the menstrual cup to provide comfort, independence, and mobility due to reduced leakage, compared with previous methods, especially when in school.

This publication of the article is cause for celebration for us in WoMena and it also enables enhanced focus on the topic of menstrual hygiene management academically.

A huge congratulations to the contributors – we are so proud!