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We contributed to the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights policy background document developed by the Platform on Human Health (PHH)

The Platform on Human Health (PHH) is a network of universities and other institutions involved in tertiary education and “Research for Health” in Denmark and in selected low income countries. It forms part of Universities Denmark’s initiative Building Stronger Universities. The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Working Group of PHH gathers researchers, project managers, PhD students and students who are actively involved in this field. The SRHR Working Group has served as a forum for preparing two research-based policy briefs and a background paper on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). They provide an introduction to SRHR for experts and practitioners working in programmes, policy and advocacy, including Danida staff, parliamentarians and civil society, and are used in the curriculum for universities across Denmark.

Several chapters include contributions by other members of the group e.g. UNFPA, the Danish Family Planning Association and WoMena, which was invited to contribute to a new section on menstrual health (page 64) as an increasingly important issue on the global SRHR agenda. We look forward to updating the section in next editions and welcome your inputs.

  1. Tellier S (ed.) Background document of the evidence base (2013). Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Agreements and Disagreements   Sexual and Reproductive Health Working Group. August 2013 – Third edition.

See the website of the SRHR working group and download the latest policy briefs building on the background document here