Menstrual health for schools – Buikwe District Model

Menstrual health for schools - Buikwe District Model


On behalf of Buikwe District, WoMena is working in four secondary schools to assess the acceptability of introducing a comprehensive menstrual health training programme, community engagement model as well as menstrual cups and reusable pads as menstrual health management methods in Buikwe District. The project is based on a successful initial pilot from 2017 with adult women, which included teachers and district workers.

The secondary school intervention will be evaluated in October 2018. Based on lessons learned and recommendations from this phase, the project will be scaled up to 28 primary schools (level P7, 12-13 years old) in 2019, in order to cover all schools included in the Buikwe District Fishing Communities Development Programme (BDFCDP) supported by the Embassy of Iceland, implemented by Buikwe District Local Government. The aim of the 2-year intervention in Buikwe is to create a positive environment amongst the local communities towards menstrual health and for the district to have its capacity built to scale up the intervention themselves going forward.


Assess the acceptability of introducing menstrual cups and reusable pads as a menstrual health management method in four schools (1700 secondary school girls) in Buikwe District.


Icelandic Embassy/ICEIDA, Buikwe District


October 2017 – 2019