Did you know stress can impact your menstrual cycle and change your menstrual period? Listen to WoMena Trainer Faith Kichodo explain the changes you may see during this stressful period, and remember: Menstruation does not stop for the pandemic, and we are in this together.

WoMena produced a video about Menstrual Health Management in refugee settlements for the 2018 UNFPA Menstrual Health Management symposium

Siri Tellier, Sexual & Reproductive Health Advisor, speech at UNFPA East and South Africa Regional Menstrual Health Symposium, South Africa, MH Day 28th May 2018.

The Story of WoMena

Uganda’s Menstrual Cup Revolution – Applying WoMena’s model for implementing reproductive health solutions

Angela Semanda, a pharmacist and menstrual cup user from Uganda, introduces you in 3 minutes to the most essential information on the Ruby Cup – what it is, how to use it and all the great advantages of using the menstrual cup.

WoMena’s Master Trainer Shamirah talks about the menstrual cycle

Our Research Officer Andisheh Jahangir discusses the importance of nutrition for the menstrual cycle

Elilu Stephen William from our partner organisation Welthungerhilfe shares his experiences from our menstrual health and menstrual cup training in Karamoja, Uganda and why education on menstruation is important.

Nancy Otyang from our partner organization Welthungerhilfe teaches women not only about menstrual hygiene management, but also encourages to talk to women about menstruation, rethinking it, and teaching other women as well. 

Rebecca is one of the girls from M-Lisada organization in Kampala who participated in WoMena’s menstrual health training and received a menstrual cup. She shares her experience on using the menstrual cup .

Esther from M-Lisada organization in Kampala has been using the menstrual cup for one year. She is sharing her experience of using the cup, its advantages and disadvantages. 

Proscovia from M-Lisada organization in Kampala participated in a WoMena training on menstrual health and received a menstrual cup before she started her periods. 

Catherine from M-Lisada organization in Kampala participated in WoMena training on menstrual health and menstrual hygiene management.

Shidrah from M-Lisada organization in Kampala has already participated in three WoMena trainings on menstrual health. She is positive about menstruation and feels ready.