Here you can find the latest research and evaluation findings, as well as tools for menstrual health programs

WoMena's research and evaluation findings

Menstrual Cup Research Dissemination Meeting (2019)

Report from the Menstrual Cup Research Dissemination Meeting in Kampala, Uganda. The purpose of the meeting was to share research updates about Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and experiences about the implementation of menstrual cup (MC) as an innovative MHM solution in East Africa.

Menstrual Cup Interventions Follow-up Study Report (2019)

A follow-up report on the long-term experiences of menstrual cup use among girls and women from three menstrual cup interventions conducted by WoMena in the rural Kitgum, Gulu and Katakwi districts in Uganda.

Ruby Cups: Girls in Imvepi Refugee Settlement
Taking Control (2018)

Report about the menstrual cup (MC) pilot implementation project in Imvepi Refugee Settlement by CARE International and WoMena Uganda.

Menstrual Health Management in East and Southern Africa: A Review Paper (2018)

Leading up to the UNFPA Menstrual Health Management Symposium, WoMena was commissioned by UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) to produce a literature review of current Menstrual Health Management (MHM) in East and Southern Africa.

Pilot intervention report – Menstrual health in Rhino Camp refugee settlement West Nile, Uganda (2017)

With support from WoMena Uganda, ZOA implemented a MHM pilot intervention in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement to assess the acceptability of introducing menstrual cups and reusable pads as part of their Teach Me More school-based programme.

A qualitative study – Drivers and challenges to use of menstrual cups among schoolgirls in rural Uganda (2017)

This flagship publication by WoMena team focuses on the acceptability of the menstrual cup (MC) among schoolgirls in rural Uganda. The study finds that after the girls get used to the cup, 94% of them reported they would continue using it.


Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – Agreements and disagreements a background document of the evidence base (2016)

This publication is a joint project of the Working Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. In the 2016 edition WoMena contributed a chapter on Menstrual Health (see pages 69-71).


Pilot Study Report (2012)

Assessing acceptability and hygienic safety of menstrual cups as a menstrual management method for vulnerable young women in Uganda Red Cross Society’s Life Planning Skills Project.