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This site contains key meeting documents and annual reports as well as research published by WoMena.




Pilot Study Report 2012

Assessing acceptability and hygienic safety of menstrual cups as a menstrual management method for vulnerable young women in Uganda Red Cross Society’s Life Planning Skills Project.

 Menstrual Cups _ WoMena _ Uganda Pilot Study Report Dec 2012 (new version) (English, pdf)

WoMena-Gulu-Uganda-Tom Saater-3562Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – AGREEMENTS AND DISAGREEMENTS A BACKGROUND DOCUMENT OF THE EVIDENCE BASE 2016

This publication is a joint project of the Working Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. In the 2016 edition WoMena contributed a chapter on Menstrual Health (see pages 69-71).

SRHR-Background-paper-2016-Dec-kopi (English, pdf)

WoMena-Gulu-Uganda-Tom Saater-3161Drivers and challenges to use of menstrual cups among schoolgirls in rural Uganda: a qualitative study – 2017

This flagship publication by WoMena team focuses on the acceptability of the menstrual cup (MC) among schoolgirls in rural Uganda. The study finds that after the girls get used to the cup, 94% of them reported they would continue using it.

The main challenge the girls spoke about was finding equipment for monthly boiling of the cup for disinfection. Some factors which helped were to have good preparation and peer support. The girls found the menstrual cup to provide comfort, independence, and mobility due to reduced leakage, compared with previous methods, especially when in school.

This article is a part of our work in ensuring that reproductive health research is systematically applied and that evidence-based, effective, reproductive health technologies and innovative solutions are explored and supported.

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