Our Story

Our Story

We exist to challenge the lack of long-term strategies which support innovative reproductive health solutions

We are a young, non-governmental organisation consisting of Public Health, Anthropology, Development and Sociology professionals who are passionate about addressing social issues in Africa related to gender, reproductive health and menstrual hygiene management.

Our story began in Uganda, where two of our co-founders Maria and Marianne were doing research on family planning methods in 2010. During the course of their research, they discovered that many women did not have effective methods for managing their menstruation. When exploring the issue further, they found that there was a greater paucity of evidence on menstrual hygiene management. Around the same time, they were introduced to the menstrual cup and the idea of exploring the cup as a possible solution was born. 

A couple of years later, when one of the WoMena co-founders was approached by girls in northern Uganda asking for pads, the decision to test our hypothesis and found WoMena was made.