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Goals, strategies & policies

Our approach

In the field of reproductive health, a great number of important issues are overlooked in both research and policy making because of taboos, biases and disconnect between the decision makers and the people most in need. In addition, much of the research and solutions rarely get translated into practice.

We at WoMena work to change this and to ensure that reproductive health research is systematically applied and that evidence-based, effective, reproductive health technologies and innovative solutions are explored and supported.

In the short-term, we aim to achieve this through research, intervention/implementation support, communication activities and development of advocacy packages. In the long-term, our activities are intended to support the formulation and implementation of policies and programs aimed at introducing acceptable, suitable and safe reproductive health solutions.

Our objectives:

  1. To identify neglected but important reproductive & menstrual health issues  & solutions as well as research, communication and policy translation gaps in the field of reproductive health; and
  2. To develop knowledge strategies and tools to address research, communication and policy translation gaps preventing implementation of these solutions.

 Read our operational goals and strategies for 2017 here.