Implementation tools: MHM Male Involvement Strategy

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Male Involvement Strategy (Uganda) (1st October 2015 – 31st December 2015) 

Overall objectives of the project:

Prepare communication materials on MHM targeted at men promoting male involvement/understanding of MHM related issues and preferably developed with men.

Target groups/beneficiaries:

Primary target groups: adolescent schoolboys

Secondary target group: young age 18-20 male boys; fathers with sons

Expected outputs:

1. Identified a number of key issues, attitudes, topics and practices among different groups of men concerning MHM;
2. Developed/proposed a communication strategy for different age boys group;
3. identified existing male supporting women groups;
4. Planned collaboration strategy with the latter;
5. Developed workshop or discussion groups models

General description:

Often girls’ well-being during their periods depends not only on severity of the periods and pain caused by them, products they choose to manage it, and the level of information they have, but also on the environment which is surrounding the girls. For girls, men attitudes can be discouraging and encouraging at the same time. However, many men have limited knowledge about actual processes the girls and women are going, and even if they would like to support women facing the challenges of menstrual hygiene management, or other gender sensitive issues, they do not know how. Often educating, sensitizing and targeting just one group of boys/men by different non-governmental organizations remain without continuity without consideration how the communication and action would disperse after the meetings and sessions. The boys and men returning to their environment may face different challenges. The project aims not only to address the level of knowledge about this sensitive issue, but also encourage inner communication and action development evolving or continuing from inside.